Repair standards

In the container industry, various inspection and repair standards have been developed and established during the past. Depending on the requirements of our clients in most cases one of the following standards will be applied:

IICL 6 : Guide for Container Equipment Inspection 6th Edition

This is a standard that was jointly designed by the main association of container leasing companies (IICL) and the main association of shipping companies (ICS).It is applied worldwide for the exchange of containers between the leasing companies and shipping companies.

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UCIRC : Unified Container Inspection & Repair Criteria Revision 3

With this standard, the main association of shipping lines (International Chamber of shipping ICS) has developed its own standard, which is applied for the exchange and handling of all standard steel containers between the lines.

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CIC: Common Interchange Criteria Revision 1

With the common interchange criteria the container owners association (COA) has tried to build a bridge between the two above-mentioned standards. It should harmonize the discrepancies between "in service" and 'Off-hire' requirements.

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